James Lamb was born June 25, 1926, in Rockford, IL. He passed away February 13th, 1994.


He got a B.A. degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from Utah State.

Work History

He had a diverse career ranging from working for a family-owned theater business & middle management for an aerospace company. He never aspired to advance into upper management because he was not a "company man" and preferred to work alone.

Art History

He had a heart attack at the young age of 46 and retired 10 years later at 56 to pursue painting or music. He choose painting as it was cheaper. He took classes at a community college in Janesville, WI to fine tune his craft. There he met his mentor, art professor Everette Scott who encouraged him. Everything came from his head, "whimsical, weird and irreverent". When James first started he made "Grandma Moses-like" small paintings sold well, but he moved on to his more prominent work that ranged from fears for his children to biblical satire. He completed more than 200 paintings. His work can be found in the permanent collections at Beloit College, Whitewater University/Crossman Gallery and in private collections around North America.

He was a self-taught artist who experimented most with oils and acrylics to create "storyboard paintings" to illustrate his views on a variety of topics including politics, religion and life in America.